Your 2000 square meters

2 000 square meters is what each and every person has at his or her disposal if the total amount of arable farm land in the world is divided with the total population. But in Sweden we use 4 000 square meters per person and year for our average food consumption. In the “Your 2 000 square meters” garden we cultivate everything you need to eat during one year. Actually, 2 000 square meters is enough for one person to live well on! The garden is open for everyone who wants to see how our food consumption can help saving the Baltic Sea.

“Your 2 000 square meters” is open to everyone who wishes to see how our food consumption can contribute to saving the Baltic Sea. We want to inspire people, organizations and companies to produce and consume food sustainably.

We also target schools and pre-schools in this project. For every teacher or pupil we can inspire to think about food and where it comes from, we have succeeded. And, last but not least, we market the garden as a tourist attraction. We offer lots of events in the garden, you can read more about them in the calendar (click here).

The garden, which is situated in the Garden Park in Ytterjärna, is run by Gardener Ida-Johanna Carlander (picture). You can contact her via

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