Sustainable Food Society

Södertälje Sustainable Food Society includes more than 70 different initiatives; farms, gardens, processors, distributors, stores, restaurants, schools, research centers, culture and tourism services. Common to all is the work with food and ecology. This includes:

  • Agriculture based on the farm’s own resources
  • Protect and develop biodiversity
  • Promoting local food supplies and rural development

Sustainable Food Societies are being established in all countries around the Baltic Sea. An ecological regenerating agriculture farm (ERA) is in the center. What essentially distinguishes an ERA farm from a “regular” organic farm is the use of leys in crop rotation and self-sufficiency with fodder and manure. Read more about ERA farming here.

The different initiatives (gardens, processors, distributors, stores, restaurants etc.) connect to, and collaborate with, the ERA farm and, eventually, more initiatives will join and “get the ball rolling”. A local cluster for food production will be created.

Read about the different initiatives here.