Open Farm

The aim of our Open Farm project is to open up the ERA farm to the public in order to spread knowledge, inspiration and awareness. By opening up the farm we can show how the soil, the food, the animals, the sea and the climate in general are all connected. And how they affect us humans.
On September 21, the first Open Farm was held at Nibble Farm. Nibble Farm is, and always has been, the heart of Ytterjärna. The farm, whose farmers always show openness and hospitality, the dairy, the bakery and the education in biodynamic farming have a great impact on many peoples’ lives. This makes the farm interesting and available. The Open Farm attracted 500 people despite lousy weather, which tells us that there is a great interest.

There were plans to arrange an Open Farm in 2013 as well. But on the night between March 21st and 22nd, Nibble farm caught fire. The barn and the stable, as well as the dairy, burned down to the ground. No people were injured. However this has put these plans on hold. For more information about Nibble Farm, please visit