A walk through the untouched nature and the ecological fields.

In 2012 the Ecotrail of Järna opened opened for the public. It binds together the area of Kulturcentrum Järna with surrounding farms, gardens, forests and the coast of the Baltic Sea. The Ecotrail is open for anyone, and there are guided tours as well.

The Ecotrail winds through a beautiful and varied landscape, partly along the Baltic Sea. Along the trail you also encounter farms practicing Ecological Regenerating Agriculture, ERA-gardens, schools, an antroposophic hospital and the Culture Centre Järna. Furthermore there are opportunities to shop organic food and visit cafés.

As of today the Ecotrail is 12.6 kilometres and takes up to 4 hours to walk. It is marked with orange signs, posts and dots on the trees.


The Ecotrail is a BERAS project in cooperation with Vidarstiftelsen, Kulturcentrum Järna, Nibble Stiftelse, Skillebyholm, Skilleby, Agape Stiftelsen, Föreningen Ytterjärna Nätverket, ”Södertälje Sustainable Food Society”, Södertälje Municipality and others.