Who we are

The ”Södertälje Sustainable Food Society” project is run by Daniel Dworetsky, with support from several people from BERAS Implementation, above all Annie Danielsson.

The Your 2 000 square meters garden, which is situated in the Garden Park in Ytterjärna, is run by Gardener Ida-Johanna Carlander.

The steering committee consist of:
Daniel Dworetsky, project manager
Lars-Gunnar Thor, Gröna Kusten
Hans von Essen, BERAS Implementation
Jostein Hertwig, BERAS Implementation
Sara Jervfors, Södertälje Municipality
Marlene Ness, Naturskolan, Södertälje Municipality
Daniel Hörberg, Skillebyholm & Skillebyholm Garden School
Susanne Skånberg, Saltå Kvarn
Louise Mörner, Farmer Davidsta Farm
Helena Nordlund, Södertälje Närodlat, Södertälje Municipality

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