Foodsociety.se is run by the ”Södertälje Sustainable Food Society” project. Our aim is to promote Södertälje Sustainable Food Society and show the rest of the world that there is a great number of people and organisations here that want to contribute to saving the Baltic Sea by changing the food production system.

Södertälje Sustainable Food Society is a cluster of farms, producers, public kitchens and others who want to change the way food is produced and the way in which it is consumed. They believe that increasing sustainable production and developing local collaboration through the entire food chain can save the Baltic Sea and reduce the climate effect.

This project stems from another project; BERAS Implementation (Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society). BERAS Implementation (Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society) aims at establishing organic and sustainable agriculture (ERA farms) in all countries in the Baltic Sea region, involving the whole food chain in creating Sustainable Food Societies and increasing consumer engagement through the Diet for a Clean Baltic concept. Read more about BERAS here.

The Diet for a Clean Baltic concept is important for us in stimulating a sustainable food production. Here you can read more about Diet for a Clean Baltic.